Saturday, May 8, 2021
HomelatestPakistan Talks About Peace While Provoking India

Pakistan Talks About Peace While Provoking India

Pakistan is showcasing its dual nature by promising to have peace talks at one side and trying to invoke India on the other side by the ceasefire. More than their words, their actions speak volumes about their high drama.

Post India’s counter-attack the Pulwama incident, Pakistan Prime Minister dared to send Pakistan Fighter jets and they were sent back the day before yesterday. Also, it took the custody of an Indian Air Wing Commander and he was seen injured by the locals of the enemy country. As soon as the United Nations and America warned Pakistan to cooperate with India to seek the peace, it pledged to hold some negotiations for the sake of International affairs. In reality, it again sent two fighter jets the other day but thanks to the Indian Air Force, they were sent back. Today around 1 PM, Pak Military ceased fire on Indian Army at the Krishna Ghati Sector nearer to the Line of Control. Indian Army responded quick and chased them down so there is no apparent life loss.

The world media is now pointing at this dual nature of Pakistan and asking it to the re-de-escalate whole situation. Pakistan is the one which helped terrorist organizations like JeH to camp in their own land. When India shot down the base, despite helping India in its fight against terrorism, Pakistan is waging a war against India by attacking its military bases. Now it dared to clean up all the evidence of the base just to portray the whole Jeh base attack thing is completely a hoax of Indian Government.


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