Nation’s Integrity And Self-Respect Should Outshine Any Individual: CBN


The AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu finally responded on the burning issue of Pulwama attack. Praising heaps on the Indian Army, this senior Politician of India asked all to stay united to showcase our strength to the enemies.

CBN condemned the Pulwama attack and declared that the Indian Air Force has responded brilliantly with the reply. On this note, Babu asked all the citizens of India and Political parties to stay united in this fight against Pakistan if at all war commences in the following days. He asked Political leaders and parties not to Politicize the happened issue as this matter belongs to all Indians. The TDP National Chief opined that the credit should belong to everyone in India but not to one individual person or party. He called for the unity of all parties to work for the safety and integrity of the country to fight against all odds.

If we look carefully, CBN did indirectly counter the BJP and its bigwig Narendra Modi for taking the due credit of replying strongly on Pulwama attack. Babu wanted to credit the success to the Indian Army who worked restlessly to counter the terrorists with Indian Air Force. On this note, CBN hailed the captured pilot, Abhimanyu for his bravery and fighting spirit.


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