YSRCP’s New Claims To Attack Its Rival TDP


The Opposition party of Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP is going to any extent to corner its political rival TDP prior to the elections. Its new claims on TDP’s data is quite wondering and shocking at the same time.

The YSRCP’s spokesperson Vijaya Sai Reddy allege that the ruling party TDP is attempting to sell out the voters’ private data to some companies. TDP’s membership app has 3.7 crores of members and their data is made Public via State Resident Data Hub. With this, anyone can acquire data by having proper permission from the State Government. YSRCP took this point as their weapon and approached Cyberabad Police and complained against the TDP party. Even though the Police didn’t lodge a complaint, Reddy and his other YSRCP colleges are firmly whining on the TDP claiming that they stole the private data. To everyone’s surprise, neither the Aadhar institution of UIDAI nor the Election Commission hasn’t responded anything negatively regarding TDP’s SRDH.

Political observers declare that this is complete nonsense of AP Opposition just to sling mud on TDP before the elections. The same analysts predict that YSRCP will go to any extent keeping the BJP lead Centre watching their back.


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