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2 Mega heroes, 2 Different Movies, and 2 Different Results!

Intelligent and Tholiprema Movies with Different Results

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Mega fans had every reason to celebrate last week. Two films from mega family; Sai Dharam Tej’s ‘Inttelligent’ and Varun Tej’s ‘Tholiprema’ released in consecutive days. Intelligent went on to become a disaster, while Tholiprema stood in the race, and is declared as a hit. If it continues to hold its box office collections towards the end of this week, it could well be declared as a super hit.

In the content-wise, Intelligent is a pure mass commercial flick. Something, of VV Vinayak kind, who directed the film. But the sad part is that the movie failed to impress the audience at the box office, and resulted in heavy loss to distributors and buyers.

Tholiprema has a simple storyline. The film opened to good talk during its US premiers. Thanks to the clean content, the movie was well received in overseas. The positive talk from the overseas released propelled the movie further in the Telugu States.

Tholiprema collections are Rs 18 crores (gross) after 2 days, while Intelligent collections are Rs 4.5 crores (gross) after 3 days. Reports have surfaced that, Intelligent field to even recover 20% of its investment so far.

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