Project Dharmachakra to increase the beauty of Vijayawada

Project Dharmachakra to increase the beauty of Vijayawada

Project Dharmachakra to increase the beauty of Vijayawada

Posted February 12, 2018, 4:54 pm at 16:54 

The A.P CM Chandrababu Naidu had completely determined to make Vijayawada, the next best city of A.P after the budding new capital Amaravati. On this motto, a new project is under construction to enhance the holy city of Vijayawada.

Even though Amaravati is the new and permanent capital of A.P, it would take at least a decade for TDP government to complete it. Meanwhile, they are considering Vijayawada as the temporary capital and CM established a base camp near to this city. To promote it to the maximum level, CBN is doing everything he can to develop the city of Goddess Kanaka Durga. Already he added beauty during Krishna pushkaralu. Now he has proposed a giant wheel called Dharma Chakra near the Nirmala Varadhi complex. This place is near to the Durga Temple. This Chakra which stands for Truth, Positivity, and Spirituality will be huge in size. Also, the 2.5 kilometers of this new bridge stretch is covered with Greens and flower plants.

This project has a deadline in the month of April and city officials are working hard to complete it on time. Chakra will be placed in a perfect spot to have its complete view. This added attraction will be funded by the state government from internal development wing. On the other hand, CM and his crew members are searching for the best model for Amaravati design. Also, they took the help of ace director Rajamouli in helping out their models. The latter came up with excellent models for constructing A.P Assembly and CM’s chamber which is likely to be implemented.

The center is still maintaining its silence on the special status, packages and all the promises it made during 2014 elections. The state is hoping to get more funds in order to develop Amaravati, Vijayawada and many more important places in AP.

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