A quick look at A.P BJP leaders’ fake numbers

A quick look at A.P BJP leaders’ fake numbers

A quick look at A.P BJP leaders’ fake numbers

Posted February 12, 2018, 4:45 pm at 16:45 

It’s now officially confirmed that the BJP leaders are taking the people of A.P for granted. The way they support their central government is irking every individual in the bifurcated state. Let’s look at a sample false claimed figures.

Seems the A.P BJP Camp has forgotten that they are from the same state as they continued to ditch A.P people with their fake numbers. Despite assuring the people of Andhra regarding the promises and package, they started slamming other political parties like TDP, YSRCP, and others. Taking this issue in a rather serious note, some TDP members issued a press meet in order to prove the lies of A.P BJP leaders. They claim that the Modi government granted 7000+ crores for developing National highways post-2014 election. But TDP cadre shows reports stating only 5700 crores are issued and that too under the scheme of Awas Yojana which is a minimum thing to any state. TDP camp also fumed fire on A.P BJP house by revealing the fact that only 1000 crores were released from the announced scheme and the rest of the amount is yet to get released.

Likewise, TDP warned BJP leaders of A.P that they will provide all the quoted fake figures of public interest to know the facts. A leader of TDP dared to question BJP’s accountability regarding A.P’s bifurcation act. Another leader opened up on Polavaram issue and stated that the center has not only stopped the funds but also finding fault with the state government. This kind of heated press meets has been exchanged between both TDP and BJP leaders even though they belong to the same alliance. It is quite evident that TDP Cadre is in no mood to continue its alliance with BJP and they are going to declare their final call to the supreme CBN.

Meanwhile, the Jansena Chief Pawan Kalyan has formed a Fact Finding Committee or JAC with leaders like J.P and Undavalli. This team’s main theme is to provide actual data sheet of state’s expenditure in order to find who is lying between Centre and State Governments. Pawan is demanding a white paper on Polavaram since ages.

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