Congress M.P JD Seelam’s bitter revelations on Jagan and Sonia

Congress M.P JD Seelam’s bitter revelations on Jagan and Sonia

Congress M.P JD Seelam’s bitter revelations on Jagan and Sonia

Posted February 12, 2018, 4:31 pm at 16:31 

The former IAS JD Seelam who is currently working as the M.P of Andhra Pradesh has uttered some sensational comments on the YSRCP head, Y.S Jagan. This Member for Revenue in Finance Ministry department dared to reveal Jagan’s secret dealings.

Almost all the active political followers in the two Telugu states are well aware of YSRCP formation. Jagan has split APCC to Mother Congress and his own party YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s Congress Party for Power. During that time, he almost fought with the National head of Congress, Sonia for CM seat in Andhra Pradesh. Although he managed to win his own constituency Kadapa, he failed to fight against a National Party and ended himself up in jail. Now this story is reiterated by Congress M.P JD Seelam the other day.

Seelam without a pause has unveiled the secret deal between Jagan and Sonia Gandhi. Seelam said that Jagan after finding out that he cannot fight more with Sonia has sent his followers to Sonia to have a mutually benefiting deal. According to that deal, Sonia should grant bail for Jagan and after coming out, Jagan would reciprocate the help by not opposing Sonia in bifurcating A.P from Telangana region. Whatever JD said might be true or a fake one but the same had happened if we look back to the past. Jagan came out after 16 months of jail life and him never lambaster Congress nor its ex-head Sonia in 2014 Elections. Also, he is the one who wrote a no objection letter to UPA Government regarding A.P state bifurcation.

Seelam’s revelations have irked the members of YSRCP and they started their verbal war on this former IAS of Karnataka. But his comments will surely make a bit of change among the voters of A.P.

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