Introducing Jahnavi & Pooja And DevaDas Dance Challenege



Devadas, a double treat at a time. Nagarjuna and Nani’s Mass and Class combination is arriving in 10 days. So, the heroes are introducing their heroines Jahnavi and Pooja. Jahnavi is Akakansha Singh, Pooja is Rashmika Mandanna. We know that Akanksha is Nagarjuna’s heroine and Rashmika is Nani’s heroine. So, especially, the heroes are introducing their heroines through their twitter accounts. Really, Akanksha Singh is looking beautiful than in Malli Raava movie. And, Rashmika Mandanna is looking pretty as usual.

Moreover, the fourth song is coming this September 17th evening. Until now, the songs, Vaaru Veeru, Cheetu Kinda Doctor, Laka Laka Lakamikara songs are released. Vaaru Veeru was is looking like a duet and Nagarjuna and Akanksha, Nani and Rashmika have appeared in the song. The Chettu Kinda Doctor song was completely Nani’s song and that was with the hilarious lyrics. As like that, Laka Laka Lakamikara is a Ganesha festival song and both have appeared in the song with the full of colors. Now, the fourth lyrical video is on the way…

Moreover, the team challenged the fans, audiences, and dancers. Clearly, their recent release Laka Laka Lakamikara song is about Ganesha festival. Generally, in the part of Ganesha immersion, the devotees’ dance be front of Vinayaka chariot is normal. So, the team challenges the people, who dance to this Laka Laka Lakamikara song (anywhere) and share to the Devadas team, the winners will get the prizes. So, dancers…


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