Left Parties Grand Alliance: Triple Fight With TDP, YSRCP Inevitable

Triple Fight With TDP, YSRCP Inevitable

The CPM Madhu the other day declared once again that the left parties along with the Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena are going to form as a grand alliance. In order to defeat the ruling party TDP, the grand alliance has extended to many parties.As expected, the CPM Madhu made an official announcement regarding the alliance of left parties. In this grand alliance, the parties CPM, CPI, Janasena, Jayaprakash Narayan’s Lok Satta, AAM will be collaborating to dethrone Babu at the State and BJP at the centre. Their aim is to bring a new change in the current political system and they try it in their own way. All these parties have some common points and rebellion in their principles.

Babu at the State and BJP at the centre

Not only that, their present common enemy is the BJP at the Centre. Madhu opined that the alliance can make wonders if there is an internal unity among the parties in the campaigning, selection of candidates and common principles. He more or less declared that their CM candidate for the Andhra Pradesh is none other than the Janasenani Pawan Kalyan and they are more than happy to see him as the CM in 2019 for Andhra Pradesh.With all these small parties making a grand alliance, a triple fight with TDP and YSRCP is inevitable in AP. It will be a hard task for any party to win alone in this battle and post-poll alliances are expected.


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