Is Ajith Doval is the Hero for Doklam?

Is Ajith Doval is the Hero for Doklam

Is Ajith Doval is the Hero for Doklam?

Is Ajith Doval is the Hero for Doklam: Doklam crisis between India and China from two and half months came to an end. China decided to withdraw its forces with some kind of diplomatic pressure. Doklam now became as usual and Bhutan became free with this news. Bhutan also played an admirable role in the crisis.

The Kashmiri Chief Minister Omar Abdullah who always opposes Modi, With the settlement of the Doklams conflict, praised the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi, who has done so well in Doklam, has questioned why Kashmir has been left out. This proves that Ajith Doval is the real hero more than Modi who solved the issue.

China argues that Doklam is not Indian territory also asked Doval the same. Doval with out any fear questioned whether each controversial land belongs to China. China has no answer for this question and also convinced that the fight between the two countries was not good. The Doval issue finalized and at the end of the day, Doval was praised.

Posted August 31, 2017, 1:23 pm at 13:23


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