Is Jagan Lacking Clarity Over The Capital

Is Jagan Lacking Clarity Over The Capital

 The Opposition leader Y.S Jagan has successfully completed stunning 2500 kilometres of his Padha Yatra and is still running non stop in the State of AP. Despite his growing popularity, this young politician is indirectly expressing his immaturity in a big aspect regarding the state.Jagan without any gap is trying hard to be in every day’s news with continuous protests and Padha Yatras across the State. This leader who is keen on becoming the CM of AP in 2019 is perfectly following his strategy by indirectly helping BJP to sling mud on the ruling party, TDP. keeping a vast vote bank, he has chances to form Government if and only if he can convert the neutral votes to his side.

But to touch these neutral voters and new haters of Yellow camp,  he needs to have a clear agenda on particular things like BC reservation, Special Status and most importantly a firm stand on the new capital, Amaravati. Until now, Jagan is only talking about fighting for Special Status but he is still tight-lipped on Amaravathi. Wherever he goes, this YSRCP Supreme is stating that he would fight for the farmers against the land pooling and will construct a world-class capital unlike CBN. in this case, the Janasena Chief is ahead of Jagan by touching these facts.Political Analysts declare that Jagan needs to open up about his ideology on Amaravathi and include something regarding it in his party’s manifesto. Still, the chances of getting into Power are equal to any party in AP for now.


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