Is Speaker Intentionally Delaying YSRCP MPs Resignations?

Is Speaker Intentionally Delaying YSRCP MPs Resignations

Is Speaker Intentionally Delaying YSRCP MPs Resignations

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The secret friendship between the central party BJP and AP Opposition YSRCP revealed with the recent actions of the Central Government. Political analysts have got some straight questions to point out at the Centre backed Parliament speaker Sumitra Mahajan and her duties.On the last day of the most controversial budget sessions of the Parliament, 4 of the YSRCP MPs resigned demanding the house to take up the bill of No-Confidence Motion.

They cleverly submitted their resignations to the Speaker Sumitra Mahajan perfectly such that the Speaker would get no time to approve their resignations. Now that the Parliament works have been initiated after a brief gap, despite approving the Speaker Madam is still hanging on edge to take a call. It was learned that she called the four MPs to have a word or two about their resignations. After a long chat, the YSRCP MPs stated that she is going to declare her final decision in the first week of June.Now the analysts question Sumitra Mahajan the reason for not approving their resignations already. Not stopping there, they also point out at holding discussions with the MPs irrespective of their will to resign. Here the senior analysts state a crucial thing which reflects the hidden deal between BJP and YSRCP.

Speaker is acting according to their plan as if she approves, then the Centre should organize bi-elections. In case TDP Wins the by-elections, it would be a shame to both YSRCP and BJP. If the Speaker waits until 5th of June, then there will be no need to worry as their resignations will not get affected as per the constitution. If the MP has less than one year of his total term, then he shall not have a right to resign. Exactly by 5th of June, NDA Government will complete 4 years of ruling and will enter its 5th year. For some readers who got shocked with these tactics of BJP, welcome to the world of Politics.

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