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Is this Singer Sunitha’s number?

Is this Singer Sunitha’s number?

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Everyone who has smartphone uses the ‘TrueCaller’ feature. With the app installed on the phone, one can get the primary details, i.e. the name and location of the ‘unknown’ caller. The TrueCaller Company claims that it uses data available on the web, by searching through billions of pages. At times, the same data can go wrong too.

The same has happened even in the case of many celebrities. The latest victim in this aspect is Singer Sunitha. She is not only known for her sweet voice but even regarded as a beautiful woman. Surprisingly, few miscreants have been calling up other celebrities from the number. Few even went up to the extent of messaging and chatting with celebrities, impersonating as Singer Sunitha. The number is being displayed as ‘Sunitha, Andhra Pradesh’ in the TrueCaller app.

Many of them have been tricked that, it is actually Singer Sunitha who is calling them. After a couple of people tried to call back on the same number, the calls went unanswered. They immediately informed Sunitha the same thing.  The Singer came out and stated that 7799 328 745 doesn’t belong to her, and she never called anyone from that number.

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