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No Alliance With Janasena: Declares Y.S Jagan

The YSRCP Supreme Jagan Mohan Reddy has made some fresh comments which would clear a million dollar question of some enthusiastic political lovers. Important excerpts from his recent speech declare many things about YSRCP’s election journey.It all started when the YSRCP’s Ex MP Varaprasad made some speculations regarding Janasena’s alliance with YSRCP for 2019 elections. Many got wondered with this speculation as the ex Rajya Sabha member showed interest in joining hands with Pawan Kalyan without the orders of his chief Jagan.

As this speculation got multi-folded due to the social networking sites, the news reached Jagan and he thought it is his responsibility to clarify his millions of followers. In his recent speech in ongoing Praja Sankalpa Yatra, Jagan claimed that Pawan Kalyan never approached him anytime to work together and nor did he met the latter. Jagan showcased his confidence by declaring that YSRCP needs no partners to win the elections and he cleared the air by stating that YSRCP will contest all by itself.

Jagan backed his claims by stating an interesting vote bank percentage. According to this son of late CM YSR, Janasena and BJP added just 1.5% of votes to TDP than YSRCP. As they are now contesting independently, Jagan opined that that 1.5 % of votes would cause no harm to them and therefore they would win the power at any cost. Seems Jagan has got his own surveys and results before making such confident declarations.

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