Vexed Renu Desai Threatens Pawan Fans To State Divorce Fact


Day by day some section of netizens who claim to be hardcore devotees of Pawan Kalyan are increasing their attack on their demiGod’s ex-wife Renu Desai. Irritated Renu’s reply not only ended their arrogance but also shocked entire section of Pawan Kalyan’s hardcore fans.Even after the divorce from Pawan Kalyan, Renu Desai maintained good relationships with Pawan Kalyan fans for their love towards her.

It all started when she revealed her ideas about getting married once again to have a father for her kids. Some section of Pawan’s fans demanded her not to marry but she recently got engaged against their will and shocked them. Irritated fans kept poking into her Instagram and ridiculing her for no reason. One follower of her who declares himself as a fan of Power star irked her to a level such that her reply perplexed all the fans of Pawan Kalyan.A fan asked Renu Desai to remain calm as some fans are intentionally disturbing her for which the latter replied that no one has the right to stalk the profiles.

That particular fan took it more personally and asked Renu to change the settings of her profile to private to avoid such stalkers. Renu with rather an angry tone stated that she needs no one to come into her profile and advise her what to do in her life. Not stopping there, she threatened that fan by saying that all Pawan fans should thank her for remaining silent all these years post the divorce as if she opens the reasons of divorce, all this pride and arrogance of being Pawan’s fans would go to drain. Now the million dollars question is will she reveal those unknown shocking reasons for their divorce or not.


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