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Telugu movie connoisseurs will surely remember a movie released in recent times – Pelli Chupulu – This film was not just a massive hit but went to win the national award also. And the man behind the megaphone of this movie Tharun Bhascker has come up with another film titled – Ee Nagaraniki Yemaindi.

Ee Nagaraniki Yemaindi Movie Review & Full Story:

Talking of this film, all of those who have seen this film will surely remember a dialogue from it. Even before the release of this movie, this dialogue was the talking point. Backed by a renowned producer, D. Suresh Babu, perhaps coming from the backdrop of a huge hit, the expectations were surely high, lets jump into it and see what the latest offering from Tharun Bhascker has in store for us.

Story of the Movie:

As far as the story is concerned, it revolves around four friends sharing the joys of life together, but with their own dreams and aspirations – Vivek aspires to become a film director, Karthik dreams to hitch with the girl whose father owns a club where he works, Kaushik desires to become an actor, but as a stepping stone won’t mind working as a dubbing artist, to make a beginning, whereas, Upendra content with editing wedding

Short films – This is perhaps a massive trend we see in Tollywood these days – And the director of this film used it as a tool – The four friends decide to make a short film and face numerous challenges. Vivek supposedly, the captain of the ship goes astray over failure of his love, and stays aloof. But they come together to convince the club owner’s girl to wed Karthik and end up in Goa in unusual circumstances.

The twist in the tale comes when how their lives turn topsy-turvy and what eventually happens in the end is the real crux of the movie. Perhaps to give the movie the raw looks, the director, Tharun Bhascker went with the debutants, and must be appreciated that he extracted the best from them. They literally lived in their roles. The very fact that four
friends from middle class background, somewhat similar to boys next door, and how they about chasing their dreams is reminiscent of the struggles young boys of this generation face.

The sensitivities of these found young men and encounters in life were portrayed in the manner in which men of their age identity with, and this is done without an iota of exaggeration, kudos to the director.

Actors Performance in Ee Nagaraniki Yemaindi:

Perhaps the most striking point of the movie is the conversational language of the four young men, throughout the movie we all keep wondering; we have used these words somewhere in our lives. It is this, the dialogues, behaviour, body language, behaviour patterns of the four friends instantly connect with the audience.

The issues, concerns, challenges, agonies and ecstasies of the young generation is portrayed in the manner it should be depicted. Though, at times, perhaps, the movie could have been edited to make it a bit crisp, but then, in hindsight, you end up feeling, perhaps it works fine. With have, in Tollywood, seen some really classical films from Shekar Kammula and others, when their films touched the emotional chords of the heart, that understanding of the finer feelings of life. It must be appreciated and commended that Tharun Bhascker has achieved that excellence of cinema with his second film.

Let’s hope Ee Nagaraniki Yemaindi will dawn a new era in Telugu Cinema.

Telugu Bullet Rating for Ee Nagaraniki Yemaindi: 3/5 .

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