Jagan’s Take On YSRCP Filling Mass Form-7 Applications

Jagan Says YCP Is The Reason Behind Form 7

It is a known thing that the YSRCP Spokesperson Vijaya Sai Reddy complained the Election Commission of India regarding TDP’s fake voter’s list in Andhra Pradesh. Now the YSRCP Chief went a step ahead and declared something which is quite horrendous.

YS Jagan organized a grand Public election campaigning meeting in the town of Nellore with the name Samara Shankaravam. While hitting potshots on his Political rival CBN, Jagan admitted that the YSRCP has filled tons of Form-7 and he himself signed many of them. To those who don’t know about this, Form-7 is an application for an Indian voter if he/she likes to remove his voting with any reason. To everyone’s surprise, this form shall be filled only by the individual voter and no other can apply it on behalf of the other. To be more specific, Jagan just admitted that he did a big blunder by personally signing those Form-7 applications. Not just that, he backed his act by claiming that TDP has some lakhs of fake voters just to use those in favor of cycle symbol to gain power. So he urged the EC to look into this issue and remove fake votes in AP.

In almost ten districts of AP, fake votes issue is still a thing and all are hoping that EC would take the right measures to ensure the democracy and rightful elections. However, Jagan’s self-goal fired back quite miserably.


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