Jagan To Resume Padha Yatra Very Soon


The YSRCP Chief has been silently taking enough rest to post the mild blow he received from the attacker with a knife. However, inside sources of YSRCP declares the upcoming schedule of this leader. Be it a part of a conspiracy or really an assassination trail, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy suffered a minor injury on his left shoulder.

 YSRCP leaders states that the leader

His doctors performed a surgery for safety issues and that made this YSRCP Supreme stay at home for one more week than expected. Amidst these new turns, the YSRCP fans and followers are now worried about his Padha Yatra, the only weapon to keep Jagan in news. This very long 2500+ kilometres campaign was stopped abruptly due to the attack.

YSRCP fans and followers Fresh news from the YSRCP leaders states that the leader will presume the Yatra from 10th of this month. They say that Jagan is utilizing this resting time to prepare strategies to downplay TDP in his upcoming Public meets. YSRCP tried its best to pull TDP into the mud by alleging them behind this attack while the latter party is projecting the entire episode as the self-goal of YS Jagan prior to the elections to gain sympathy.


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