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HomelatestAre Swamijis greater than Lord Venkateswara?

Are Swamijis greater than Lord Venkateswara?

Are Swamijis greater than Lord Venkateswara?

Lord Venkateswara is often known as the God who has manifested himself on the seven hills as ‘Kaliyuga Daivam.’ And no doubt that he is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu himself abode the Kaliyuga Vaikunta, the seven hills of Tirumala. Everyone, including religious gurus, Swamijis and others who follow Hindutva are bound to consider him as the Paramathma who is above everything and everyone.


But for one well-known politician, it seems different. He is none other than YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Jagan is trending in the news for all bad reasons from the past few weeks. After refusing to sign the ‘declaration form’ in TTD, the YSRCP chief has drawn a lot of flak. It is also known that he even declined to take the ‘holy prasadam’ offered in the temple. The party leaders try to snub the issue citing his religion (Christianity) and his beliefs.


While this is still trending, his obsessing in showing gratitude towards ‘Swamijis’ is being questioned. Jagan’s demonstration of extreme humbleness to Swarupananda Swamy and Thridhandi Chinajeeyar Swami is well known since the time of his announcement of Paadhayathra. There are pictures in media showing Jagan paying respects in a prostrated position to the Swamijis. The common man is wondering, how Jagan is humble towards ‘religious gurus’ while ignoring the Lord Venkateswara after refusing to sign ‘he has faith in the Lord Venkateswara’.

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