Jagan’s calls them Swine (pig)! Cheap behavior from YS Jagan!

Jagan’s calls them Swine (pig)! Cheap behavior from YS Jagan

Jagan’s calls them Swine (pig)! Cheap behavior from YS Jagan!

Posted December 1, 2017, 6:00 pm at 18:00 

It looks like YSRCP Chief, YS Jagan has forgotten he is a political leader and it is his social responsibility to be well-mannered to the public. Though one party leader can have stark differences with another party leader, one shouldn’t profane words.

Jagan said ‘We need to shoot Chandrababu Naidu in the middle of the road for not fulfilling the promises he made’ during the Nandyala Election campaign. Even after the YSRCP leader saw a shocking defeat, it looks like he hasn’t learned his lesson yet.jagan

In a fresh incident, Jagan accused Chandrababu of horse trading. He said, ‘Chandrababu is purchasing MLAs like buying a Sounder of Swine (pigs)’. Jagan might have forgotten who started the horse trading. It was YS Rajasekhar Reddy who started all this after he came to power in 2004. He was involved in horse trading of TRS and TDP MLAs on a large scale.

Similarly, while venting out his frustration, he alleged that ‘Chandrababu is scared that Modi might put him behind bars (bokka lo pedatharu) if he raises his voice about the AP Special Status once more’.

There are leaders in TDP who can last out using more profane language than YS Jagan. And moreover, no one is in a position to learn from someone who is coming back from jail.

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