Jagan’s Silence Raising Many Doubts In AP Political Circles


The D-day of elections is approaching and there is hardly less than a week left for the Politicians to end their campaigning. In this tight schedule, Jagan has taken two invaluable leaves for his public meetings giving a chance for many conspiracy theories from his rivals.

At one side, Janasenani Pawan Kalyan is covering four to six constituencies restlessly like a one-man Army promoting Janasena’s ideologies and manifesto. On the flip side, the TDP Chief is organizing six Public meetings every day even at the age of 70+ for the sake of the party. However, the Opposition leader Jagan who walked more than 2500 miles on foot chose to take a leave every now and then. Already this YSRCP head took a leave in the past week and now he passed a whole day at his Lotus Pond in Hyderabad. Political analysts say that he might have had more important things than campaigning but his rivals conspire that this Opposition leader is having some secret pacts with his alleged friends TRS and BJP.

Whatever might be the case, the election campaigning ends on 9th April at any cost keeping the elections on 11th of this month. Political lovers hope Jagan observes this point and act accordingly to promote his party in order to gain Power this time.


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