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Huge Expectations On Jai Lavakusa Movie

Jai Lavakusa Movie: Rotunie story

Jr. NTR as the hero and Rasi Kanna, Nevedha Thomas as heroine acted in Jai Lavakusa movie and this movie is ready to come in theaters. On this 21st the movie is going to release. In pre release, function this movie trial is also released. Till now teasers of Jai, Lavakumar, Kusala teasers were released. So there is nothing new in the teaser but the characters were shown in depth.

It was clear in the teaser Lavakumar is a bank manager. And due to some reason, Lavakumae losses his eyes and Kusa as a bank manager in the place of Lavakumar. At that point entertainment of the movie has gone to peak levels. This type of stories already seen some telugu movies. But the character of Jairam makes difference in this movie. Some of the people are saying the movie is routine story while some other says this movie is something different. What ever the expectations of the movie were in the peak levels. Traders say the movie is going to beat 100crores for sure.

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