Daughter Of B.com-Physics MLA Joined TDP


The Vijayawada West MLA Jaleel Khan has got his precedent ready to continue his Political legacy in his constituency. His daughter Shabana Katur joined the TDP camp the other day and made the news.Shabana Katur who worked in the US until now has shown her interest in AP Politics and is ready to contest as an MLA from his father’s West Vijayawada constituency. In the presence of Shabana Katur the TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu, she joined the TDP by sporting the yellow flag on her. Speaking to the media, Shabana stated that she has been doing charity and social service since her childhood and now she is committed to expanding her service to the constitutional level.

daughter of b.com-physics mla joined tdp

On this note, her father Jaleel Khan made it sure that he is not going to retire from the Politics. Instead, he wished to get the Guntur town ticket to fight against the BJP rival Kanna Lakshmi Narayana to make him bite the dust this time. One has to wait and see if Babu rejoices both father and daughter at the same time by giving tickets. Analysts say a different story regarding Jaleel Khan. according to them, CBN doesn’t want to count on this MLA for all the comedy he created in the last term. At the same time, he is keen on not losing the minority votes thus Shabana came into the Picture. Intelligent tactics by the Yellow fort’s king. Isn’t it?


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