Jamba Lakidi Pamba (2018) – Telugu Movie Review & Rating



Srinivasa Reddy’s – Jamba Lakidi Pamba Review, Stroy Actors Performance & Telugu Bullet Rating:

Main Cast: Srinivasa Reddy, Siddhi Idnani, Posani Krishna Murali, Vennela Kishore,

Satyam Rajesh, Dhanaraj, Shakalaka Shankar etc

Music: Gopi Sundar

Cinematography: Satish Muthyala

Direction: J.B Murali Krishna


The flick Jamba Lakidi Pamba which got released in the year 1993 is a sensation at those times leaving fans in entertainment. Directed by E V V Satyanarayana, this flick which stars Naresh and Amani are the female leads in this cult classic. Now another movie starring Comedian turned hero Srinivas Reddy is coming to us after all these years. Since then no movie got close to such genre and variety script went nearer to Jambalakidi Pamba. However, the director of this new Jamba Lakidi Pamba made it clear that they only took the characters inspiration and titled whereas the rest of the movie is completely new and fresh. Released trailers and promos which carried good buzz became successful in raising expectations. Let us see if this flick reached the target or not.


Varun (Srinivas Reddy), Pallavi (Siddhi Idnani) gets married after falling in love with each other. Along with time, there exist common disputes between these two which eventually lead to mutual divorce. So they go to a famous lawyer Harischandra Prasad ( Posani) who helps as many as 99 couples to get divorced. As he is looking forward to entering the Guinness book of records by completing the 100th divorce case, he is more than happy to help the lead pair. Unexpectedly this Prasad along with his wife dies in a brutal car crash. After going to higher heavens, he gets rejected an entry by the Indra ( Suman) to live along with his wife as he became responsible for 99 divorce cases. In order to live in heaven with his wife, Suman asks Prasad to make Reddy and Pallavi united. The rest of the story is how Posani unites the lead pair and the way director narrated is the main highlight.


Comedian Srinivas Reddy despite going for heroic roles is intelligently picking up scripts which suit his image and range. He continued the same logic for the flick Jamba Lakidi Pamba as well. Even though he is the lead hero, Reddy continued to tickle the ribs with his style of comedy. Actress Siddhi Idnani who is debuting with this flick proved her mark with sensible acting. It is not an exaggeration if critics opine that she dominated the hero in some scenes especially in the gender changing scenes which include fights.

Apart from the lead heroes, happening artist Posani again showcased his acting skills as a lawyer who helps 99 couples for their divorce. His intention to enter records book by granting 100 divorces is hilariously narrated by the makers and became a highlight of the flick. Other lead comedians like Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh, Tanikella Bharani, Raghu Babu, Hari Teja excelled in their roles. But the actors Shakalaka Shankar and Jayaprakash Reddy could have more screen space. Ali’s special cameo in an item song thrills the comedy lovers.

The production values are top notch as the producers bankrolled the movie out of passion. The director Murali did his hard work and one can see his desire of narrating a comedy-drama on the big screen. Murali apart from direction has showcased his writing skills through his dialogues embedded with power-packed punches which enthralled the mass audience. Despite the fact that this flick is a comedy entertainer, aspiring Mallu composer Gopi Sundar’s work is commendable. All his songs are pleasant and the item song tops the jukebox. Known for his background score, Gopi’s RR in the climax fight really helped the pace of the movie. Movie lovers say that Gopi who is famous for love stories should try mass entertainers in Telugu to repeat another Manyam Puli.

Satish Muthyala’s Cinematography is a huge plus to this project. However, the Editing department could have been better as many unwanted scenes troubled the pace of the movie. The makers should have taken care of the runtime to keep the flick crisp.

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Jamba Lakidi Pamba, a rain of laughter

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.75/ 5


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