Janasainikas’ Enthusiasm Jeopardized Kadapa’s Historical Monument

Pawan Kalyan

The enormous crowds for each and every Public meet of Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan might cheer up the party followers, but their extra love and overexcitement is costing the State Government. The recent Public meet in Kurnool landed the party in trouble for misusing a historical monument.

Going into the details, Janasenani’s Kurnool Meet became a super hit with the huge gatherings of his followers and hardcore fans. We can see these fans who have no space to attend the meeting on road dared to climb the most famous Konda Reddy Fort. After the meeting, the local Government authorities shocked to see the damage occurred to the Fort. From flower pots to the expensive plants, all got destroyed along with the lawn. Steel barricades are bent along with many protective rods and beams to keep the moment in shape. The Archeological Survey of India visited the place and estimated one lakh rupees of damage to this monument. Also, they are going forward to launch a case on this meeting and those officials who granted permission to the meeting.

Now the haters of Pawan Kalyan are pointing at the Supreme’s responsibility towards such historical places. To their support, Janasenani himself opined that if Konda Reddy Gurugu has been in Europe, it would have become a World Heritage Site. Now his own fans vandalizing it is a huge headache for this young Politician. Hope he comes with any sort of explanation or compensation for the Fort to aid the ASI.


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