Janasena And T-JAC Are Still Waiting For That!!!

Janasena And T-JAC Are Still Waiting For That

The newest parties of the Telugu States Janasena and Telangana Joint Action Committee are fastening their seat belts to contest in the Assembly elections for the first time. Their common trouble is irking parties’ followers.Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena which was flooded in the year 2014 has completed four years and is gearing up for contesting all the Assembly seats of Andhra Pradesh. Even though Pawan didn’t yet announce his contestants, the cadre is said to be ready this time.

West Godavari tour of Praja Porata Yatra

In his West Godavari tour of Praja Porata Yatra, Pawan Kalyan declared that the strong fist which he uses in his speeches as his party symbol. On the other side in Telangana, Professor Kodandaram launched T-JAC against the CM KCR in order to point out at Government’s mistakes. This party is also searching for an election symbol to contest in elections. These two new parties have commonly faced the problem of getting their respective party symbols from the Election Commission. This is trembling the parties as the elections are approaching fast.Chiranjeevi’s PRP faced the same problem in the 2009 elections. Delay in EC made PRP wait for the symbol in order to promote and campaign their symbol to get through the masses. In Pawan’s case, his fans are pretty much clear about the symbol and they are just waiting for official announcement.


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