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Pawan Announced Rajahmundry And Amalapuram MP Candidates

The Janasena Supreme Pawan Kalyan shocked many of the Political experts by acting quick. The moment the election notifications are released, he worked at God’s speed and met the demands of party workers.

The other day, he made a big announcement regarding the candidates for the upcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. Living up to his words, yesterday Pawan called in for the Press meet to release the first ever official names of candidates for the Lok Sabha polls. As expected, MLA Akula Satyanarayana has given the Rajahmundry segment seat and ex ONGC official JMR Sekhar is chosen as the MP candidate for the Amalapuram parliament zone. Not just these two, the President of JSP is said to be announcing a big list of MLA candidates on the Janasena Party’s 5th Anniversary which will be celebrated on 14th of this month. The party bigwigs have chosen Rajahmundry for a huge Public event.

Pawan expressed his happiness over these two candidates and hoped to see them as winners who represent JSP at the Centre. He thanked Akula for joining the party and heaped praises on JMR who share the same ideologies to that of Janasena. Seems Pawan is up to the mark in this Political competition.

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