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Janasenani Found Fault With KCR-Jagan’s Secret Pact

The Janasena Party Supreme Pawan Kalyan arranged a huge Public event marking the fifth formation day of his party. In his style, Pawan expressed his views on all the controversial elements which are troubling the AP Politics.

Addressing his millions of Janasainikas, Pawan Kalyan spoke about the necessity to bring the much-needed change in AP Politics for the growth and development of the state. On this regard, he opined that the secret pacts of the Opposition party YSRCP and TRS is doing more bad than good to the AP. Pawan claimed that both KCR and Jagan have one common enemy in the name of CBN and due to this thing, they are intentionally irking the AP Government. On his note, He urged KCR to stop spreading hatred on AP people and divide the two Telugu speaking States further.

Pawan Kalyan shifted his focus to his ex-partner Chandrababu Naidu while highlighting the corrupt Politics. He declared that CBN became an expert in shielding his corrupt party leaders and their businesses despite protecting the justice within the State. Also, he didn’t spare the Indian Prime Minister Modi for the latter’s careless attitude towards AP. Janasenani gave a call to teach Modi a befitting lesson for ditching Andhra in the name of Special Status and bifurcation promises. All in all, the fifth anniversary of Janasena got stunning reception from the followers and they are expecting to become the King Makers in AP Politics.

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