Janasenani Redefining The Political Philosophies

The Curious Case Of Janasena Supporters

The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan the other day held a conference with his allies CPI and CPM along with his own party leaders in the constituency of Guntur. To discuss the problems faced by the voters, this dynamic leader directed his colleagues with top-notch ideologies. Explaining about his party structure, Pawan Kalyan defined Politics as a social service but not a hereditary rule likewise Nara Lokesh and YS Jagan. He wanted Political leaders clear from greeds and to have a clean heart to serve the society completely. On this note, Pawan welcomed all the leaders who are interested to join Janasena if and only if they show longtime commitment to serving the people despite their past life and allegations.

However, the Janasenani is very particular to reject some opportunistic leaders like Minister Ganta Srinivas who often jumps parties for the sake of power and position. Pawan is rather interested in having leaders who wish to travel a long time with him than leaders who leave the party if they aren’t satisfied with their positions. Pawan Kalyan’s final goal is to construct an idealistic party which always stand by its principles despite its performance in the elections. Pawan’s aspirations might sound quite philosophical and theoretical for some of the Political experts as they say practicality plays a major role in current day Politics than values. One has to wait and see if this idealistic leader lives up to his expectations in the long run or not.


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