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Japan Typhoon Hagibis Death Toll Rises to 70 as Hopes for Missing Fade

The deaths in the most serious typhoon to beat Japan for decades soared to 70 on Tuesday as rescuers worked through dirt and debris in a frequently grim exploration for the lost and as thousands of houses continued without power.

The storm punched a broad swathe of central and eastern Japan, with 15 missing and 211 wounded approximately three days after Typhoon Hagibis – which indicates “speed” in the Philippine language Tagalog – beat Japan with powerful winds and excessive rains, NHK national broadcaster said.

138,000 houses were without water while 24,000 lacked power, cause for concern in northern areas where the climate was starting to turn cold.

The most distinguished toll was in Fukushima area north of Tokyo, where dams broke in at least 14 places along the Abukuma River, which winds through various cities in the agricultural area.

Thousands of policemen, fire executives, and army group proceeded to explore for people who may have been cut off by floodwaters and slides set off by the hurricane, with support reducing that the missing would be discovered alive.

Descendants explained how waters climbed quickly to chest height in about an hour and mostly at night, making it hard to leave to higher area. Many of the lifeless in Fukushima were aged, NHK said.

“I couldn’t understand it, the water reached up so fast,” one guy in Fukushima told NHK.

Though the warning of rain is supposed to decline on Tuesday, temperatures are expected to fall in many cities later this week, in some instances to unseasonably low temperatures, NHK stated.

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