Japanese Bullet train Cracks!

Japanese Bullet train Cracks

Japanese Bullet train Cracks!

Posted December 14, 2017, 5:28 pm at 17:28

It could have derailed if the train had continued to run, in the worst possible scenario, said the transport officials. There were about 1000 passengers on board who were unhurt and they continued their journey on different trains. This would have made headlines as a serious incident for the iconic mode of transport.

The crew aboard a ‘Shinkansen’ bullet train noticed a burning smell and strange noises when it pulled out of a station in southern Japan on Monday.

The train was halted immediately for checks at Nagoya station in central Japan and inspectors discovered a crack in the chassis under one of the carriage as well as an oil leak.

They believed if the train had continued to run and notice this incident, things would have been different. The crack could have of course caused it to derail in the worst-case scenario, told the transport officials. It was an extraordinary case, and we are taking this as a serious accident averted. It could have led to an accident had there been a delay in noticing the sounds and smell, said an official at the Japan Transport Safety Board.

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