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JP Replied To KTR Comment In A Thoughtful Way!

It seems that a cool twitter war is running between Jaya Prakash Narayan and KTR. Of course, those tweets are mostly thoughtful and help the people to understand what is happening in the state. Lok Satta party founder, Jaya Prakash Narayan took his twitter to post a tweet about the cons of Kaleshwaram project and mentioned few details to tell how the maintenance of this project affects the poor and taxpayers.

Ex-Minister Kalvakunta Taraka Ramarao

Immediately Ex-Minister Kalvakunta Taraka Ramarao responded on JP’s tweet and explained the actual details of Kaleshwaram Project and he also shared his thought as investing into productive sectors can’t be created as debt but as an investment. Here is the moment; JP has not taken much time to respond on KTR’s comment on his tweet. In his next tweet as a reply to KTR’s comment, JP wrote that he truly hope the benefits will justify the cost. It means the results we get over the cost as benefits must have to justify the cost we spend. So, getting the best results for the people’s money spent is the most priority thing.

It will be good if the cost-benefit analysis is discussed openly and honestly. The bottom line in his tweet is the most thoughtful one. The government is not sharing any details about the cost-benefit analysis of any project openly. This may lead to confusing the people to know what exactly happening with the projects and how the people get the benefits as a result. So, JP has raised an interesting point and we must have to wait to know how KTR responds on this.

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