JC Diwakar Reddy all set to exit TDP?

JC Diwakar Reddy all set to exit TDP

The most controversial leader of TDP camp, JC Diwakar Reddy is threatening the Yellow fort with his own demands. In the worst case, this MP is going to take a drastic decision which may shock the entire TDP wing.

This furious Anantapur MP despite many trails failed to etch well with the party. In many instances, he made sensational comments against his boss CBN and other leaders. Not many know that this MP is regretting joining TDP as he was given no respect and importance by his colleagues. Reddy has been demanding funds for the flyover in his constituency since ages and he got denied by the Supreme CBN.

This made Diwakar take a daring step of resigning to his MP post in order to walk out of the party. As all the TDP MPs are trying hard to win the No Confidence Motion against BJP, JC failed to attend the Parliamentary sessions as the State Government is not fulfilling his demands.

In a press meet, he declared that the resignation will be on the way if the State Government didn’t answer in his demand on or before 25th of this month. Forget a suspension from the Chief Whip, he stated that he would rather exit the party.

Sources say that this leader is not well after the entry of his local rival and former MLA Madhusudan Gupta into the TDP. As this is not enough, he is unable to digest the amount of Hungama and importance given to Sujana Chowdary than him being a senior member in the party.


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