Lakshmi Manchu Questioned By US Federal Authority

Lakshmi Manchu Questioned By US Federal Authority

In association with the most recent sex racket that was busted in the US a few weeks back by the Federal Authorities, there is a considerable measure of uneasiness among the actress and anchors from the industry who had to go to the United States. Two or three actors were said to be halted at the US air terminal and questioned by the officials. At the point when gotten some information about this situation, Lakshmi Manchu said that even she was ceased at the US Airport more than once.

After the eleventh September 2011 attacks, not just the actress, few others were ceased at the US Airport. Manchu Lakshmi had two visas, in particular, a business visa and a working visa.

She was confined for having two visas. At whatever point they didn’t understand a thing, the officials confined the celebrities in the air terminal revealed the heroine. Talking about the current circumstance in the industry, Manchu Lakshmi feels that the absence of a major head who can settle the issues is the reason behind why inconveniences are fermenting up without compromise.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi Manchu new movie all set to hit the screen tomorrow, Vijay who earlier worked as an associate director for Bahubali helmed the project. The film is being produced by Kriti Prasad, Anand and others under People Media Factory. Samrat Reddy, Adarsh Balakrishna, Srikanth Ayyar and others played the leads.

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