Tuesday, January 31, 2023
HomelatestJeevan Reddy Sensational Comments On TRS Chief

Jeevan Reddy Sensational Comments On TRS Chief

The Telangana Congress Party’s senior leader Jeevan Reddy took his time to sling mud on the acting Chief Minister of Telangana. In his recent press meet, this TPCC leader pointed out at all the fake promises of the TRS Chief.Talking to the Press at the Gandhi Bhavan, Hyderabad, Jeevan Reddy declared that KCR’s act of dissolving his Government despite having the full majority is a clear indication of leadership failure. Reddy stated that going for snap polls nine months prior to the general elections itself showcases the lack of maturity for the TRS Chief. Jeevan claimed that KCR wasted Public money in the name of Mission Bhagiratha and LIC Policies to the farmers.

Telangana along with aiding farmers

According to Jeevan, half of the money spent on the above-mentioned schemes are enough to provide water for every house in Telangana along with aiding farmers.This senior leader declared that his party is keen on winning this time as the people are closely observing the fake promises of KCR. He promised the voters to look into the reservations of Muslims and Tribals via a ninth schedule, unlike KCR who failed to give reservations to the Muslims. On the same note, Jeevan declared that MIM and KCR are secret friends with Political benefits.

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