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HomelatestContest for longest kiss – Enthusiasts couples in Jharkhand

Contest for longest kiss – Enthusiasts couples in Jharkhand

Jharkhand longest kissing contest

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MLA Simon Marandi has organized an event recently where couples can express their love by kissing each other in public. He claims this is a way to reduce divorce rates in the state.

India is a country with diverse culture and is a homeland to various mindsets which may not match at all times. In the past as well, controversies sparked with events like the kiss of love, and couples were harassed by the moral police for violating what they call “Indian culture”.

It is to be noted that public kissing is still a taboo in many parts of India, this incident from a village in Jharkhand surely comes across as shocking. MLA Simon Marandi recently organized an event where couples kiss each other in public and the one that kisses the longest won the competition. It was arranged to celebrate love and romance between married couples and the MLA thought this can reduce divorce rates and differences in couples.

Though the annual fair is being organized in Dumaria for the last 37 years, which include tribal dance, archery and running, only this year they added kissing in the list.

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