Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Jithender Reddy’s Harsh Comments On KCR

The senior leader of TRS and also an M.P Jithender Reddy has made some sensational comments on KCR which has been the talk of the political circles. Talking to a media channel, Jithender Reddy has stated that there is an anti-incumbency in several places of the state which were issued tickets by KCR. He also disclosed that KCR the chief of the party has ignored and given the tickets even after coming to know that there is a severe anti-incumbency to the ruling party.

Not stopping there, Jithender Reddy has termed Telangana Rashtra Samithi as a Private company limited run by KCR and his family members. He also made it clear that there are many M.P’s who are very unhappy by the way the tickets have been allocated. Jithender further mentioned that the decisions in the party are either taken by KCR or KTR but no one else.These harsh comments are definitely a big blow to the TRS party. Have to wait and see how the Pink Party reacts to these allegations.

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