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“Johaar” Unit Released the Motion Teaser

Well! glancing at the name, it appears to be an exciting film. Having many newbies beneath one frame, this film is lauded to be an overwrought drama entertainer. It has Subhalekha Sudhakar and Eshawari Rao in leading characters simultaneously with Esther Anil and Naina Ganguly as the star actors. The motion teaser of this movie is out a few hours ago… Have a look! Here’s an interesting glimpse into the thrilling Anthology This motion teaser has Eshawari Rao playing with her daughter then the plot shifts to a young girl running and finally Sudhakar is seen in an old man role. Even a girl in sports avatar along with a teen pair is shown in the motion teaser. Well, with the first look itself, the director revealed that this is a story of 5 characters and their lives which are affected by one single lie called as a super decision. Director Teja Marni made this movie go on an interesting track with adding some drama around the 5 lead characters. This movie is produced by Bhanu Sandeep Marni under Dharma Surya Pictures banner.”,

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