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Jonita Gandhi: Pandemic gave singers chance to connect with music within us

Mumbai, March 17 (Telugu Bullet) Singer Jonita Gandhi said that music videos are a great way for singers to reach out to their audience. In the case of film songs, she points out, fans only know the actors they see on screen and often have no idea who sang the song.

“We’re living in a visual era. As a singer, especially in Bollywood, we don’t often get to be the face of our voice, so listeners don’t get to know who we are. Music videos for independent music give us the opportunity to be the face of our own voice,” she said.

The singer said the pandemic gave singers a chance to make independent music, and hence the scope to interact with fans directly.

“With the rise of the pandemic, artists have been exploring (the idea of) making music from home and there have been a lot more original songs released independently, a lot of them have been in a DIY kind of acoustic or with minimalistic production vibes. I think the pandemic gave us artistes a chance to connect with the music within us, and space to create what we enjoy rather than solely commercial tracks, and it seems the audience has developed a taste for it as well,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jonita has collaborated with singer Arjuna Harjai for their number “Main Janu na”.

Talking about working with him, she said: “Arjuna and I began our journeys around the same time. We’ve worked together several times in the past and share a connection on certain musical tastes, which makes it such a great experience working with him. His compositions are musically enriched and soulful, so it’s always such a fulfilling experience to sing for him. When he approached me to collaborate on Main Janu na, it was a no-brainer once I heard the song.”

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