Jyothula Nehru Counters Jagan’s Claims

Jyothula Nehru Counters Jagan’s Claims

The MLA of Jaggampeta Constituency, Jyothula Nehru has hit back at his former boss YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Responding to Jagan’s allegations, Nehru, in turn, challenged Jagan in his own style.

The YSRCP Chief Jagan has been on the verge of finishing his Praja Sankalpa Yatra in the East Godavari district. The other day this Kadapa MLA toured the Jaggampeta town and made some remarks on his ex-leader of YSRCP. Stating Nehru as corrupted, Jagan alleged that he has won on the YSRCP’s ticket, later joined in TDP after receiving a big box of cash and gifts from the TDP Supremo Chandrababu Naidu. Jagan desperately wanted to project Nehru as a defector in the minds of East Godavari voters.

Nehru arranged a press meet to counter Jagan regarding this issue. He asked Jagan to provide any shreds of evidence to prove allegations against him. Not stopping there, Nehru, in turn, asked Jagan to give him ten crores of rupees to solve his financial problems to live happily. Had if he had taken any bribe from TDP camp, he would have had no debts to anyone in his life. Nehru declared that Jagan in a hurry to become the CM has completely lost his mind and advised him not be in real time Politics as he is unfit.

It is obvious that Jagan won’t accept Nehru’s challenge as he is in a mood to leave the district to enter Uttarandhra via Visakhapatnam. Making such allegations without any basis would hit back at thyself, say the Political analysts.


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