Kalyan Ram’s Team Squashes Rumors

Kalyan Ram's Team Squashes Rumors

The election are gearing up high speed over all political parties in telangana and andhra pradeshh. Telangana rulling TRS party has successfully announced its first list of candidates for upcoming elections .Now rumors are speculating that, the Telangana TDP is planning to field Nandamuri legend Kalyan Ram from the Seeilingampally constituency in Greater Hyderabad. Clearly, Kalyan Ram was at first reluctant to contest the elections, yet he was over the long haul influenced by senior T-TDP leadrs and Chandrababu.

The Telangana TDP has lost its radiance

The Telangana TDP has lost its radiance, so to speak, following the 2014 elections. With Kalyan Ram’s finding, the social event is needing to expand some mileage, because of his reputation as an actor and the son of harikrishna.Kalyan Ram’s team squashes the rumors about the contesting in the coming elections .It seems like Chandrababu Naidu’s strategy to utilize Kalyan Ram and NTR Jr in Telangana for his own advantage yet they are enough to know his shrouded motivation. Both Kalyan Ram and NTR presently won’t succumb to Babu’s traps given the previous history. Kalyan Ram is at present shooting for his new movie and details about his yet to be revealed.


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