Friday, September 17, 2021
HomelatestKamineni Srinivas Said That His Whole Life With BJP

Kamineni Srinivas Said That His Whole Life With BJP

Kamineni Said Whole Life BJP Party

Kamineni Said Whole Life BJP Party: Kamini Srinivas answer to the question that he changing the party. He will be close to everyone except who are arrogant with me. AP minister Kamini Srinivas is in BJP party but he supports TDP party. This is the reason BJP ministers also facing tensions. Kamini Srinivas is a good friend to both Pawan and Chandrababu. Recently, the meeting between Pawan and Chandrababu he is only the mediator. He did not try to hide the relation with Pawan

He is always close to everyone, but Kamini says that he is in the BJP party. Kamini Srinivas says that he got this position in politics by Vice president Venkayya Naidu. And he follows on his way. After listing his comments BJP party feels free, but still, MLA’s have douted on Kamini. The leader is thinking that the time of next election Janasana party is in lead Kamini jumps into that party.

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