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Karate Kalyani Leaks: Ask Sri Reddy To Talk About Her Daughter, Luxury Cars And Flat!

Karate Kalyani Leaks Sri Reddy Daughter And Luxury Cars And Flat

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Character Actress Karate Kalyani made sensational comments on Sri Reddy, who has been the center of controversies for all wrong reasons. After Sri Reddy made a personal attack on Pawan Kalyan, the entire media attention shifted to her abusive statements, rather than ‘Casting Couch’ issue.

Meanwhile, Karate Kalyani previously warned that she would leak some key information about Sri Reddy. Sticking to her word, she released a couple of pictures showing Sri Reddy with a young girl. Karate Kalyani claims that the girl in the picture is Sri Reddy’s daughter.In her post she said, ‘How is Vimala, (aka Sri Reddy) who is still unmarried, having a daughter who is 15-16 years of age. The girl recently completed inter in Sri Chaitanya College.

As claimed, if Sri Reddy is not having any contact with her family, how did she participate in a housewarming function along with her mother in Lodha Meridian (Kukatpally)? From where did she get money to buy luxury cars, and luxury flats? I will reveal few more details wherever I want. Because they are my leaks and is my wish’, said Karate Kalyani.

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