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HomelatestCM spends Rs. 10 Lakhs on food, while Farmers are hanging themselves...

CM spends Rs. 10 Lakhs on food, while Farmers are hanging themselves with drought!

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah spends Rs10 Lakhs on food 

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Politicians are extremely careful and cautious when they come to any public meetings or functions. And they are known to extra cautious if they are hosting the same.

It looks like Karnataka CM and Congress leader Siddaramaiah is above all this. The Chief Minister of Karnataka is facing severe backlash on social media after he hosted a luncheon for local officials and party members.

Kalburgi is the most drought-affected district in the state of Karnataka. Local farmers are committing suicides due to lack of ‘minimum price support’. The same has been widely reported in the state and national media channels. During such a critical time, the CM of Karnataka hosted the lavish luncheon party for his party members and local officials at a reported expense of Rs.10 Lakhs, according to BJP leader Raj Kumar Telkur.

‘On one side we have farmers who are dying due to starving, and on the other side, we have politicians eating in silver plates and silver bowls, with each plate of food costing Rs. 800. What kind of signals is the CM, Siddaramaiah sending to the people of the drought-affected district, Kalburgi?’ questioned Raj Kumar.

Raj Kumar demanded an apology from the CM and asked him to take immediate action for the betterment of lives of the farmers. Karnataka Government did not respond to the allegations.

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