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Fighting between TV News Channel’s – 5 vs 9

Fighting between TV5 And TV9

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A popular TV channel always supported Pawan Kalyan and have pretty actively focused on his political tours and events. But the same channel overnight changed its stand and started giving more preference to negative views from people, leaders targeting Pawan Kalyan. If you follow news channels regularly, you can see on a certain famous channel conducting debates and invited Pawan’s hard-core critics such as RGV, Kathi Mahesh to their studio.

Though it is not a direct attack from the Channel, we hear that there is indirect attack going on by trying to malign his image.

In film Nagar circles rumors are rife that the channel has targeted Pawan all of a sudden due to the audio launch telecast rights of Pawan’s Agnathavasi was not given to the channel. Instead, the producers of the movie have given the telecast rights to its competitive channel. This really didn’t go well with the news channel who started backlashing the Powerstar, Janasena indirectly for no fault.

Pawan is not even the producer of the movie and he has nothing to be concerned about, the film’s business, people are asking how can some channels attack Pawan for his Producer’s business. Sources reveal that Pawan feels totally unfair for the scenario.

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