Karnataka police detain a model in a honey trap case


In connection with a honey trap case, Karnataka police detain a model

Karnataka police have apprehended a Mumbai-based model in relation to a honey trapping scheme, as confirmed by authorities on Wednesday. The group engaged in a significant money-extortion operation by coercing victims into converting to Islam and undergoing circumcision. The incident unfolded within the jurisdiction of Puttenahalli police station in Bengaluru.

The arrested model has been identified as Neha, also known as Meher, and initial inquiries suggest that she is the primary perpetrator in this case.

karnataka police detain a model in a honey trap case
Karnataka police arrested individuals named Sharana Prakash Baligera, Abdul Khader, and Yasin

According to law enforcement, Neha, using the alias Meher, used Telegram to establish contact with susceptible individuals aged between 20 and 50 in Bengaluru. She enticed them to engage in sexual encounters at her residence in J.P. Nagar’s fifth stage. Upon their arrival, she would invite them inside while wearing a bikini.

The gang then captured private moments on camera, subsequently storming into the home and taking pictures and videos of the victims with the woman. They would seize the victims’ mobile phones and compile a list of their contacts. The gang would then threaten to share the private videos and photos with these contacts if the victims did not comply with their monetary demands.

The gang insisted that the victims marry the model, under the condition that they convert to Islam, as she follows the Muslim faith. Additionally, they demanded that the victims undergo circumcision immediately. These demands instilled fear in the victims, leading them to give substantial sums of money to the perpetrators.

The gang’s activities were halted after one of the victims summoned the courage to file a police complaint. Preliminary investigations revealed that the gang had targeted and extorted money from 12 individuals. The police suspect the gang’s involvement in additional cases and are conducting further investigations.

Earlier in the case, the Karnataka police arrested individuals named Sharana Prakash Baligera, Abdul Khader, and Yasin. Authorities are actively pursuing another suspect named Nadeem.


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