C Fore Survey Gives BJP Shock! Congress To Form Govt. In Karnataka!

Karnataka Survey Gives Congress Bigger Majority

Karnataka Survey Gives Congress Bigger Majority

Posted May 1, 2018, 11:35 am at 11:35

The private research firm, CFore has given a shock to BJP party, which is still dreaming of forming the government in Karnataka. In its latest report, CFore confirmed that Congress would bag anywhere from 118 to 128 seats this time around, while BJP would stall at 63-73 seats. The latest survey reports come right after Amit Shah’s comments stating that ‘we don’t believe in these surveys. We are hundred percent sure that what happened in other states will repeat even in Karnataka this time.

BJP will form the government in Karnataka. The surveys are nothing but a mouthpiece of the Congress party, and are mere pawns in the hands of the current government’.CFore has conducted the survey in three phases. In the initial phase, it carried out its first survey in 2017, stating that Congress is likely to bag 120-132 seats, BJP bagging 60-72 seats, JDS bagging 20-30 seats, and others bagging 1-7 seats.

In its second survey conducted in March 2018, CFore claimed that Congress will get 126, BJP will get 70, JDS will get 27 to 40, and others will get 1 seat. In its latest survey conducted in April 2018, it confirmed that Congress will end up with around 128 seats, BJP with 63-73, JDS with 29-36, and others with 2-7 seats. What’s more shocking is that the pre-poll survey by CFore has been true in 99% of the cases.

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