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Kaushal Mass Hysteria #Kaushal Army 2k Run Tweets

Kaushal Manda, he was an actor, majority in television serials. But when h shifted to Bigg boss house, his craze is going in a mad way. An army is fighting for his winning and they support him every time. On social media, every time they troll the other housemates and created memes. But, Neelima Kushal who is the wife of Kaushal Manda shared her feelings about the army which is running for her husband. And, she said: “please don’t troll any one of the housemates, just encourage and vote for Kaushal, and Thank You all for this support”. In the last episode, Kaushal himself said: “Guys, don’t troll and make negative comments on anyone, it disturbs the overall.”

Kaushal army in bigg boss show


By the recent activities in Bigg Boss house, Kaushal nominated for a while until the big boss ending. Actually, it is a task for Kaushal Army to vote for him every time. In the wake of this situation, anti-Kaushal fans commented about the army as a paid army and something. Whatever the reason, the army just proved the courage and strength of Kaushal Army and did 2k run for Kaushal. Now, the run is a hot topic in the Telugu states and also on social media. The Kaushal Army 2k run hashtag tweets stood in 7th position in India on Twitter. It will be continued in Vizag on 16th September.

The Tweets of Kaushal Army:


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