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HomelatestDid KCR Make A Big Mistake Allowing Pawan Kalyan’s Political Tour?

Did KCR Make A Big Mistake Allowing Pawan Kalyan’s Political Tour?

KCR Big Mistake Allowing Pawan Kalyan’s Political Tour In Telangana

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Many leaders and organizations (and TRS) fought for the state of Telangana, along with KCR. Their indefinite struggle led to the formation of Telangana. Since then, it was KCR and TRS all the way. Prof. Kodanda Ram, who actively participated in the Telangana movement was silenced by the TRS government. When questioned, KCR said that Prof Kodanda Ram is provoking the student unions against the government for his selfish deeds.

Similarly, many other leaders were silenced after TRS came into power. Given, KCR’s excellent track record since the inception of Telangana, the other political parties are finding it hard to target the TRS Supremo. Though Revanth Reddy is highly vocal against KCR & TRS, given his rift with KCR, his arguments lacked any credibility.

But a new issue has given the scope for political parties to attack KCR, probably for the first time with some credibility. After KCR permitted Pawan Kalyan’s Political Tour, many political parties condemned KCR’s decision, alleging that Pawan Kalyan is a representative of KCR. They questioned why KCR silence many leaders who fought for Telangana. Shockingly, no TRS leader is able to counter these questions raised by other party leaders.

Pawan Kalyan who criticized and condemned KCR in the past appreciated him for his 24/7 power. Now, without his knowledge, Pawan Kalyan became a weapon for other parties to target KCR.

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