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HomelatestASP Sunitha Reddy and CI Mallikarjun Reddy Case

ASP Sunitha Reddy and CI Mallikarjun Reddy Case

ASP Sunitha Reddy and CI Mallikarjun Reddy Case

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After ASP Sunitha Reddy’s and CI Mallikarjun Reddy’s illegal affair was exposed, the whole police department was shamed. In general, Police are hailed for their heroics in protecting the society. But the illegal affair between ASP and CI brought down the ethical standard in the police department. After ASP Sunitha Reddy’s husband filed a case and complained to higher officials, a formal investigation has been carried out.

In an FIR filed against CI Mallikarjun Reddy, ASP Sunitha Reddy name was also included. Chief Secretary Ajay Mishra issued passed suspension orders on ASP Sunitha Reddy for her immoral behaviour and shaming the whole police department. Similarly, CI Mallikarjun Reddy was suspended by Hyderabad Range IG Stephen Ravindra.

Meanwhile, in-depth investigation is currently in place by the KPHB Police. Statements of ASP Sunitha Reddy husband Surender Reddy, his friend Suresh, Prameela and Sunanda (ASP Sunitha Reddy Mother and Aunty) are already recorded by the police.

Reacting to this, Telangana Home minister, Nayani Narasimha Reddy called for strict and stringent actions against anyone who don’t follow morals and ethics, shaming the police department. This ACP Sunitha Reddy and CI Mallikarjun Reddy illegal affair came to light after Surender Reddy caught the CI coming out of ACP Sunitha Reddy’s apartment red-handed.

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